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Art and Animation that I like!


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Just your average 3d animator, hoping that the animation I make help people out.

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello! My name is Genma, and I used to make custom animation resource cycle for [SFM Ponies] group and enjoyed making them and just do not have the time to make :XD:. I no longer make animation cycles for SFM Ponies, after January 2017, for the full year. Finishing up College.

All of my [SFM Ponies] content is 100% free to use. It will alway be free to use, so if someone is trying to sell them, do not buy!! :onfire:


Blender: [Beginner]
After Effects: [Beginner]
Flash: [Beginner]
Sony Vegas: [Intermediate]
Photoshop: [Intermediate]
Audacity: [Intermediate]
Illustrator: [Intermediate / Advanced]
Indesign: [Intermediate / Advanced]
SFM 3d Animation: [Intermediate / Advanced]


Currently, I am using Source Filmmaker and I been using it for awhile now almost a year and still learning something new every day. I make Pony Resource animation cycle (mostly at the moment), and group picture (rarely now). I have 2400hours + currently so far. I do spend a lot of time in the program learning different things and exploring new things. A lot of my learning is coming from Argodaemon tutorials and stream, Jimer Lins tutorial, HeroStrain lighting tutorial, Warhorse26 GIF tutorial, RaptorNX01 tutorials, PSFMer Animation Tutorial, GizSH fast tutorial of animating, Jesse Baumgartner blocking stages, Sarcastic Brony tutorials and others I can not remember at the moment ( I take in much as I can to learn more). I enjoy doing this as a hobby and have fun using the program. I am reliant on models that are made and so I do my best to credit every model that I use in a poster or animation cycle. Hope to work for an art team one day, or company, or place....? I haven't sorted it out yet where I am going at.

How do I pronounce your username?
Genma or Genmax, [Gen-ma] [Gen-max] either or.

Are you an animator?
No, but... I want to be a professional 3D animator one day. I am learning as I go. I plan to do more schooling after I get my BA.

If I use any your animation resource cycle or poster do I need to credit you?
You do not have to credit me, but crediting would be nice!

Can you alter the animation cycle resources?
Yes, you can alter any of the cycles and I do not mind, this is open for the community to use. The main purpose is a base to work off.

Also, I always put a version on my Pony SFM animation resource cycle, because there is always room for improvement.
Throw a critique at me in the comments, I will do my best to fix or improve on my animation cycle or poster, alway striving to get better.

Do you make models?
No, I do not. =( I only move them around and bring them to life.)

Do you do request?
No, I do not take request anymore. Unless, it benefits the whole community for SFM-Ponies and I'll add it to my goal list.

Thank you for stopping by! =D


[SFM Resource] Scalable Eyes Mane 6 Updating...
Working on making a skin separate from the model, requires some elements, and things. I'm still figuring out how to implementing this to a model in qc code. Right now I was able to reduce the memory use of the model. By making a new vmt. and vtf for the scale eyes and exporting them into an element with overrides. Also, made a new model separate for it so doesn't affect original models. WIP stuff atm. Found out that can have up 1000 frames in the VTF files, but I wouldn't recommend replacing them, making a skin for them and a new vtf and vtm for the file would the trick. This also requires to decompile the model and recompile the model, to a skin without affecting the memory of the game.

[SFM Ponies] - Eye Color Changing VTF Tutorial 
Hopefully this helps!
Tutorial Files
Programs Used:
Open Office Calc -
SourceFilmMaker -
Winrar -
Photoshop CC 2015
Poninnahka - Pony Overhaul: Females Release
JuiceDane - [SFM/DL]Enhanced Overhaul Ponies 6 of 6

This does require to have models, these are texture file replacement only.

Hello, everyone, back at again with another cycle....wait, no.... I made some animated texture files for the eyes that can scale. I do not know where this would go under since it just textures files being replaced. 
These will replace the original eyes made from Poninnahka model files. I still love the original eyes since I been using SFM from day one, however; I was inspired by Gleboss, Optimus97, and Shutdp with their models with scalable eyes. So, I went on an adventure to learn how they made eyes scalable without skin changing. I kept it pretty similar to the original eyes and built it all from scratch using Poninnahka vtf as a base to make the vector. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy! I spent about a week and a half to have a final product. It was a good learning experience and it was quite fun to learn the Flash program. Had some problems with the vtf of not being clean, and finally, figure out it for the right settings. 

The only issue I have at this moment is that I do not know how to implement scalable eyes into the QC coding or make them part of the model. Something, where my knowledge is still limited at the moment. So it does require some overrides that I learned from Gleboss tutorial which I will leave a link below, but I change a few numbers from his original tutorial. ,The animated vtf is 60 frames. It does increase the model size by 160MB+ to the original. Also, increases there memory size in SFM due to the eyes being a large texture fileSo I left two file types in the link below.  Ones with animated textures and ones without animated textures. I also left the OG eyes just case you want to switch between styles. I can make 30 frame cycle but it will be awhile since I have to remake all the files again and recompiled them into a vtf.  Also did some tests with 120 frames but the files was too large and it was eating a lot resources, but it would make a good effect for slow Mo.

Select one of the files from once extracted and drag drop in game folder or copy and paste in the usermod folder.
Texture Files of Mane 6…

 Tutorial here how to applied scalable eyes:

Mane_6_No_animated_Textures - Just skin replacement
   Path: usermod->materials->models->VN_mlp-> Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkiepie, Rainbowdash, Rarity, Twilightsparkle
Mane_6_scaled_animated_Textures - Has the scale eyes, and skin replacement 
   Path: usermod->materials->models->VN_mlp-> Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkiepie, Rainbowdash, Rarity, Twilightsparkle
Mane_6_texture_back_up - original eye set
      Path: usermod->materials->models->VN_mlp-> Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkiepie, Rainbowdash, Rarity, Twilightsparkle

Time Spent:
 ~1 to 2 weeks appox (about 5-8 hours a day)


Program Used:
Source Filmmaker
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Open Office Excel to get coordinates


:iconshutdp: [DL] Mane 6 Enhanced Eyerefract Models 
Pony EyeRefract Models
 Eye Scale Tutorial:…

Sweetie Bot's eyes…

:iconponinnahka:Pony Overhaul: Females Release
:iconjuicedane: [SFM/DL]Enhanced Overhaul Ponies 6 of 6

:iconautoaudi: Thank you for helping Auto. Helping me through the process, pointers, tips, compling, and decompling!
:iconwintergleam: Thank you for letting use your OC as a test dummy! (Hopefully. we find a way to embed in the QC code) XD
:iconredaceofspades: Thank you for letting use your OC as a test dummy! (Some pointers, on eye design)
:iconforsakenknightmare: Thank you for letting use your OC as a test dummy!


:icongaohaq: :iconpbh19950:


Hopefully this helps!
Tutorial Files
Programs Used:
Open Office Calc -
SourceFilmMaker -…
Winrar -
Photoshop CC 2015

Poninnahka - Pony Overhaul: Females Release…

JuiceDane - [SFM/DL]Enhanced Overhaul Ponies 6 of 6…
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Testing Out Models by Gen-ma

Testing out the eyes on mane models. Pretty Cool so far =D. Making some backup of original eyes, just in case. Still trying to finish the other 3. I just need to get their colors right with color correction and saturation. Anyways making some progress on it. 


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