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Useful Tips from the Horsemaker: SMD Import fix
Ayy guys.
Blender got updated recently, new features, new stuff, yay.
But as it often is with Source, when something new is added, something old fucks up.
With the new update, now upon import of any SMD, you will in 90% cases get this shit:

Well I told you before that SMD is an inferior absolute peasant format and DMX is master race, but in case you need to import some decompiled crap, worry not - the fix is possible.
First thing you gotta do on import is to check the "Preserve SMD Polygons & Normals" box:

Now the imported model will look okay but that's a lie - all the vertices are duplicated now, and it is actually twice as highpoly as it should be, and is absolutely uneditable and undetriangulatable.
The way to fix this is to go to Edit Mode, select the whole thing by pressing A, then click "Remove Doubles" on the left panel.

And that's... not over, now the model looks
:iconaeridiccore:AeridicCore 19 8
Corvus: Hunt by Pdubbsquared Corvus: Hunt :iconpdubbsquared:Pdubbsquared 89 7 Deities by Pdubbsquared Deities :iconpdubbsquared:Pdubbsquared 55 5 [SFM DL] Steelhooves 2k17 V1.0 [FO:E] by Monmonstar [SFM DL] Steelhooves 2k17 V1.0 [FO:E] :iconmonmonstar:Monmonstar 192 71 [DL] Paper Princess  Luna by BeardedDoomGuy [DL] Paper Princess Luna :iconbeardeddoomguy:BeardedDoomGuy 47 4 Through the Storm by yaasho Through the Storm :iconyaasho:yaasho 46 6 Mother by SourceRabbit Mother :iconsourcerabbit:SourceRabbit 209 21 Sneak Peak by RedAceOfSpades Sneak Peak :iconredaceofspades:RedAceOfSpades 54 4 [DL] Enhanced Ponies 3rd pack by Stefano96 [DL] Enhanced Ponies 3rd pack :iconstefano96:Stefano96 83 32 [DL] Enhanced Ponies 2nd pack by Stefano96 [DL] Enhanced Ponies 2nd pack :iconstefano96:Stefano96 134 48 Trixie Lulamoon by AChaoticDotStar Trixie Lulamoon :iconachaoticdotstar:AChaoticDotStar 123 4 [SFM] [MLP] Home Surgery For Eggheads by ImAFutureGuitarHero [SFM] [MLP] Home Surgery For Eggheads :iconimafutureguitarhero:ImAFutureGuitarHero 80 10 [SFM] [MLP] SUNNY THEY'RE GOOOOONE (SciSet 3D) by ImAFutureGuitarHero [SFM] [MLP] SUNNY THEY'RE GOOOOONE (SciSet 3D) :iconimafutureguitarhero:ImAFutureGuitarHero 87 20 [SFM Ponies / DL] Pony Turn Around Cycle (female) by DamageK [SFM Ponies / DL] Pony Turn Around Cycle (female) :icondamagek:DamageK 18 6 Mercy by DazzioN Mercy :icondazzion:DazzioN 89 22 Crystal Heart by Xenia-Amata Crystal Heart :iconxenia-amata:Xenia-Amata 41 4
Art and Animation that I like!


Gen-ma has started a donation pool!
82 / 4,000
Just your average 3d animator, hoping that the animation I make help people out.

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The Last Update of Animation Cycle.…

Has links to almost every animation cycle that is free to use.

All of my [SFM Ponies] content is 100% free to use. It will alway be free to use, so if someone is trying to sell them, do not buy!! :onfire:


How do I pronounce your username?

Are you an animator?
No, but... I want to be a professional 3D animator one day. I am learning as I go. I plan to do more schooling after I get my BA.

If I use any your animation resource cycle or poster do I need to credit you?
You do not have to credit me, but crediting would be nice!

Can you alter the animation cycle resources?
Yes, you can alter any of the cycles and I do not mind, this is open for the community to use. The main purpose is a base to work off.

Do you make models?
No, I do not, but I am learning.

Do you do request?
No, I do not take request anymore. Unless it benefits the whole community for SFM-Ponies and I'll add it to my goal list.

Thank you for stopping by! =D
I'm finally free from all university projects. I will be preparing an announcement on my youtube channel for the upcoming updates and what is to come. 
Stay Tuned! 
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[SFM Resource]DMX Animation Resources Pony Pack V2
Updated: 3/15/2018

POSTER BY: :iconredaceofspades:RedAceOfSpades


Key: AC = Animation Cycle

This contains various animation cycles from all different animators and I try to organize them the best I could. There will be other people's animation cycles in there as well. None of these are perfect and most of them can be improved on but it's something. =) Anyways I hope you enjoy! :XD:

Let me know if you have questions if something off or mess up.
Also, The pack will continue to update on this submission for anything new in the making. This will be updated constantly.

How do I use the DMXs? (Argodaemon Tutorial)
Watch this tutorial!  Again, these are NOT save file DMXs.  These are animation files you import to a specific model.

I'm not putting argodaemon dmx resource pack v3 in this pack but if you need them here the link:
Argo DMX Resource Pack v3

----- Not Included into pack yet -----

New! by RedAceOfSpades Marching Cycle V1
Marching Cycle V1 by RedAceOfSpades

DamageK [SFM Ponies / DL] Pony Turn Around Cycle (female)
[SFM Ponies / DL] Pony Turn Around Cycle (female) by DamageK

Gen-ma RedAceOfSpades 
[SFM Resource] - Tempest Shadow Walk / Run V1

[SFM Resource] - Tempest Shadow Walk / Run V1 by Gen-ma

Gen-ma[SFM Resource] - Fast Flight V1
[SFM Resource] - Fast Flight V1 by Gen-ma

PSFMer [SFM/DL] Chrysalis Walk Cycle v1.0
[SFM/DL] Chrysalis Walk Cycle v1.0 by PSFMer

PSFMerAnimation Pack Release for Fighting is Magic SFM
Animation Pack Release for Fighting is Magic SFM by PSFMer

SerenitysArtworkWalk Cycle [Reverse] V2Celestia Walk Cycle [Reverse] V1
[SFM Resource] - Luna Stationary Flight Cycle V1


Most of these animation cycle already embedded in JuiceDane Sequences for FEMALE ONLY. Be sure to check out his page as well! 
[SFM/DL]Enhanced Overhaul Ponies 6 of 6

 -----Included into pack-----

This pack will includes everything on the list below:

[SFM Resource] - 4 hit kick combo V1 
[SFM Resource] - Fast Run Cycle v2.7 
[SFM Resource] - Crawl Cycle V0.5 
[SFM Resource] - Flight Cycle V1.1 
[SFM Resource] - Gallop Cycle V1.1 
[SFM Resource] - Idle Stance Cycle V1.1 
[SFM Resource] - Jumping in Place V1.2 
[SFM Resource] - Swimming Cycle v1 
[SFM Resource] - Pony Trot Cylce V1
[SFM Resource] - Twilight Flight Cycle V1 
[SFM Resource] - Walk Cycle V3.5 A and B
[SFM Resource] - Male Alternative Run V1 
[SFM Resource] - Male Crawl V1 
[SFM Resource] - Male Flight V1 
[SFM Resource] - Male Gallop Cycle V1 
[SFM Resource] -Male Idle Cycle V1 
[SFM Resource] - Male Jump V1.2 
[SFM Resource] - Male Swim Cycle V1 
[SFM Resource] - Male Trott Cycle V1
[SFM Resource] - Colts Walk Cycle V1

[SFM Resource] Spike Run Cycle V1
[SFM/DL] Spike - Basic Walk Animation [Nutrafin]

[SFM Resource] - Tank Walk Cycle V1

[SFM Resource] - The Nightmares Idle Cycle V1
[SFM Resource] - Celestia Flight Cycle V1
[SFM Resource] - Celestia Gallop V1
Celestia Walk [SFM Resource] [Argodaemon]

[SFM Resource] - Luna walk cycle V1
[SFM Resource] - Luna Trott cycle V1

[SFM Resource] - CMC Run Fast Cycle V1!
[SFM Resource] - CMC Sit to Stand vice versa v2
CMC Walk Cycle V1 [DOWNLOAD] [GizSH]

Peoples Animation Cycle:

[SFM/DL] Chrysalis Walk Cycle v1.0

[SFM][DL] Flight Cycle For Enh Ponies v1

[SFM Resource] - MJ Pony Dance

Pony Fast Gallop V1.1 [SFM][DL] 

[DL] Twilight Fly Cycle 

thi animation for pony sitting and standing up!

[DL][SFM Ponies] 500 miles trot cycle 

Happy Walk [SFM Resource]
Stationary Flight [SFM Resource]
Running Sprint v2.1 [SFM Resource]
Fast Flight [SFM Resource]
Stationary Flight [SFM Resource]
Forward Jump - Single Flip [SFM Resource]
Pinkie Hop [SFM Resource]
Fullbody Headbang [SFM Resource]
Argo DMX Resource Pack v2

Ember Hover in Place [SFM DL]
Slow Rollerskating [SFM DL]
Pony Caramelldansen [SFM resource]
Gallop Cycle Revisited [SFM Resource]
Roll, Jump, Land [SFM Resource]

Prancey Dancey V2 [SFM Resource]
Happy Walk for Stallions [SFM Resource]
Male Running Sprint [SFM Resource]
Walk Cycle Female Ponies-Ver 1.3 [SFM Resource]
Pony Fly Cycle for Stallions [SFM Resource]

Happy Walk for Stallions [SFM Resource]
Walk Cycle Male Ponies-Ver 1.1 [SFM Resource]
Fast Flight for Stallions [SFM Resource]…

[SFM Resource] Pony Gallop Cycle
[SFM Resource] Pony Walk Cycle

[SFM Resource] Pony Fly Cycle
[SFM Resource] Pony Trot Cycle

[Animation] Trot Cycle

[DL] Pony Idle Stance
[DL] Pony Reaction Cycle
[DL] Luna Walk Cycle
[DL] Pony Walk Cycle

Celestia Run Compatible Luna model.
Celestia Run Cycle V 0.7
Luna Walk [SFM Resource]
Walk Cycle [Reverse] V1
Walk Cycle [Reverse] V2
Celestia Walk Cycle [Reverse] V1

Headbang Animation for Males and Females [DL]



:iconjuicedane: Enhanced Models
:iconponinnahka: Pony Base Models
:iconrubez2525: Male Ponies
:iconbeardeddoomguy: Luna, Celestia
:iconaeridiccore: Ember, and CMC
:iconcobbaltco: Tank the turtle

Value Asset

OTHERS -- Some other work, as old work dmx animation files
POSES  -- Some poses from animators
[SFM Resource] - Tempest Shadow Walk / Run V1
Enjoy! =)

Make sure to bake the model first to get the correct jiggle bones before importing the animation data onto the model. The jiggle bones are custom animated.
Walk Cycle: every one second / 24 frames
Time Spent: 12 hours rough (Learning that graph editor) - walk cycle)
Run Cycle: every one second / 24 frames
Time Spent: 6- 8 hours rough 

This was a small collab with me and Redace.

Mediafire file:…

:icongen-ma: - Made the walk sequence
:iconredaceofspades: - Made the run sequence

SBMP pack
Steam Workshop

Pateron: Thank You!
:icongaohaq: :iconpsfmer: :icondoublegmedia:
Pony Daily
MY QUEEN do you know da wae?
Do you know da wae?

I do not what I was doing, but it was fun to create. XD

SFM Workshop (varies of models imported)
Tempest Shadow: :iconaeridiccore:


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FartingBoy Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017  Student Filmographer
Hello :) May I ask you a question? I know you don't take requests unless it benefits the sfm ponies group but could you also be open to doing animation cycles for non ponies as well? I created a sfm group where people can share their animation cycles and the group also will include step by step journals for the cycles. While I'm not a brony or a watcher of MLP, the SFM Ponies group did inspire me to create my group.
Gen-ma Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017  Student General Artist
While I do have interest in different character models for animation cycle, I do not have the time to make them or income to do so. I'm sure there some animators out there that do animation cycles for different character models but giving out those animation cycles depends on the animator that is making them. Also, whether or not if they want to give out those set assets to the general public. 

I know there is a few asset already out there.

A Few Examples in the steam workshop.

TF2 Walking Cycle…
Sans Walk Cycle…
Fidget Fly Cycle…
Tehwatever Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017
Wow! Thank you for the fave! coming from you it means something!
Remixwuffy Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! my i ask you a question? I really need some help, im not sure how to animate a pony blinking in sfm, could you help me out? 
Gen-ma Featured By Owner Edited May 22, 2017  Student General Artist
A blink would be based on the action of the character with intention. For example, if the head turns quickly one pose to the next then add a blink. This will add more realism to pose instead of the character moving their head with no blink. I would suggest watching bloops animation as well as Argodaemon live streams. Bloops animation has a great understanding of animation and gives quick tips. Argodaemon has an archive of all the live stream as well the basic tutorials of SFM. 

In terms in actually doing a blink in SFM. There are some control sliders on the models for the enhanced and normal models. If you do not see this, the list probably in the unknown tab which I would download a script for it to organize the tabs. Zappy's Organizing Script 2.0

Capture by Gen-ma Capture2 by Gen-ma  

Argodaemon Livestream Archives…

Every Tuesday and Friday 6pm CDT

SFM Tutorials

[ Tutorial ] Natural eye movement: Blink on Glance…

13.1 Pose to Pose Animation -Valve…

13.2 Pose to Pose Animation -Valve…

Source Filmmaker Tip of the Day #77- Storyboarding and Blocking -Jimer Lins…

SFM Tutorial Week #2: Using the Motion Editor -Argodaemon…

Animation Tips
How To Animate Blinks and Eye Movement (3D Animation)…

I hope you find this helpful while these are not direct information toward your problem, playing around in SFM and getting comfortable will help you out in the long run. If not, I would join equestrian-academy as well. 
Gen-ma Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Student General Artist
How To Animate in SFM (Pony Edition)…
BlackFalcon8 Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank You Favorite 1 Speech Bubble - Beemote Thank You Favorite 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote 
DamageK Featured By Owner Edited Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have your cake and eat it tooHappy Birthday! GenHave your cake and eat it too
ps. i'm still in army base... i want freedom...
Gen-ma Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks DamageK. XD.
Stay strong my friend. XD almost there.
DamageK Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome :)
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